How the New Yorker Doesn’t Give a Frack

by Isabel Braverman

I guess I’m on an advertising kick lately but this is something that really caught my attention. I like the New Yorker and I subscribe to it. But, I noticed there was a lack of articles about fracking and a large presence of ads for natural gas. I was so attentive, that I wrote them a letter to the editor, printed below:

Dear Editor,

I subscribe to your magazine, but I don’t subscribe to your printing ads that advocate the production and sale of natural gas. Natural gas is extracted through the process of hydrofracking, a process with known health, environmental and economical damage. In fact, I am shocked that the New Yorker has not run an article about fracking, as it is quickly becoming a huge issue. As a mainstream publication you obviously rely on the revenue generated from advertisements. But, I should hope that you hold these advertisers to the same ideals that you hold your writers to. If I continue to see the pages bombarded with propagandistic ads for natural gas and a lack of coverage of fracking, I may no longer be a subscriber.


Isabel Braverman

*No response yet…