How Being a Professional Blogger Still Perplexes Me

by Isabel Braverman

Blogging: I’m not sure I get it. To me, it follows this sort of pattern as a blogger moves from anonymous to professional– start blog->write some posts->mom reads it-> friends read it-> a lot of people read it-> thousands of people read it-> get some advertisers-> get some really legit advertisers-> make an impact-> start a community/brand-> make mugs with your name on it-> become a guest speaker-> become Ariana Huffington… and you’ve made it!

What confuses me is the step where you move from mom phase to anonymous reader phase. Every blogger who’s “made it” kind of skips over this step when they are explaining their rise to fame. Did they whore themselves out and send it around to everyone they know? Are they just that good that people found them on their own? Were they already kind of famous? (cough cough Huffington, I’m on to you). I’m not sure!

The thing with the Internet is everyone writes their little two cents about whatever and clicks publish and bam now you’re a published writer. But who’s actually reading it? Being a published writer used to mean you have an agent and you get signed to a publishing company and you all work together to produce a tangible source of you’re writing. It gets tracked where it’s sold, who’s reading it and how much you’re making. With the Internet, you send your work out there in the hopes that some Internet geek who lives with his mom is reading it.

This blog, for example, I write these posts and send them out there into the abyss screaming Hello! Anyone?? (If you’re reading this, thank you!) I mean, thanks mom. (Sidenote: my mom doesn’t know how to use the Internet, so how will I even get past that first step?)

The next step is how do you actually make enough money to be a blogger and only a blogger? I guess the answer is advertisers and sponsors… and lots of them.

All I can hope is that when IndyIzzy becomes a huge success I’ll look back at this post and laugh at my naivety… just kidding (but wouldn’t that be cool?)