On Camping

by Isabel Braverman

There’s been a lot of camping lately, and not the kind you do in the woods. Although it’s already been pointed out, I like the juxtaposition of camping for Occupy Wall Street and camping for things like Black Friday or the premiere of Twilight.

Of course, being America, the Occupy protestors have been dubbed dirty hippies who are committing illegal acts for camping out at Zuccotti Park, and the Twilight fans go unscathed for decking out their tents with pictures of Twilight stars and camping out in public places waiting for the premiere. hmmm, I wonder which one people think is more “American”.

On a different note, Alaskan congressman Don Young says, “Don’t camp, camping’s elitist.” Young made the remarks during a hearing with Douglas Brinkley when they had quite the tiff. Watch the camping remarks here, at around 4:30 min. And watch Young, a puppet for the gas industry, being a jerk here.

A photo representation:

Camping for Occupy Wall Street

Camping for Twilight

Camping for Black Friday