The New Yorker Listened to my Plea

by Isabel Braverman

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t solely due to my efforts to bring fracking to the New Yorker (see previous post) but nonetheless it has arrived!

Albeit short, read the article here.

Some quotes:

“In the 2005 energy bill, largely crafted by Vice-President Dick Cheney, fracking was explicitly exempted from federal review under the Safe Drinking Water Act. As a result of this dispensation, which has been dubbed the Halliburton Loophole, drilling companies are under no obligation to make public which chemicals they use.” (just so everyone knows)

“There have been over a million wells hydraulically fractured in the history of the industry, and there is not one—not one—reported case of a freshwater aquifer having ever been contaminated,” Rex Tillerson, the chairman and C.E.O. of ExxonMobil, declared at a congressional hearing last year.” (well, that’s just a straight up lie)

“At some point, either we will outgrow our infatuation or we will burn our way to a very dark place.”

I also like the term “shaleionaires” for those who are making a fortune (or supposedly will) from leasing their land. Never heard that one before, especially since fracking provides so many punny terms. Some favorites are– fracktivist, frack is wack, all fracked up etc…