Let’s check in on the 2016 Presidential Election

by Isabel Braverman

Well, well, what’s going on here? I follow the news but am admittedly not an avid news reader, so it’s time for a check in. What I’ve been hearing so far is there are a butt-load of Republican candidates, Donald Trump is running (again?), and the major Democratic candidates are Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I said earlier that Hilary seems to be the favored politician, with people talking as if she has already won the Democratic line, however Bernie is pulling ahead and gaining traction and followers, thanks in large part, I think, to social media. This grandpa (or his millennial interns) knows how to create a good Facebook post!

bernie sanders

Checking in:

A few more Democrats have joined the race. They are: Lincoln Chafee (former governor of Rhode Island), Martin O’Malley (former governor of Maryland), and Jim Webb (former senator of Virginia). Lots of formers! Not much diversity! It appears that Hilary and Bernie are still the forerunners here. Let’s take a look at their biggest political issues they are running on.


Champion for human rights, internet freedom, and rights and opportunities for women and girls, LGBT people and young people all around the globe. So basically she’s like the Oprah of rights; you get a right! you get a right! Everybody gets rights!


The big thing for Bernie is the economy. From creating jobs, to exposing income inequality, to getting big money out of politics, he’s all about that $$.


Okay, so not much has been changing. Indeed, it is still early in the race.