2016 Presidential Election: Who’s In, Who’s Out?

by Isabel Braverman

The run for president wages on and there have been some changes, minor though they are. For the original list of candidates, scroll down a bit. So, who’s in and who’s out? The biggest news is that Republican candidate Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, has dropped out of the race. Why did he drop? Those glasses aren’t fooling anyone Perry! After he received poor performance ratings in the polls after the first GOP debate on Fox News, he suspended his campaign and then ultimately dropped out on September 11. He is the first to exit.

Well, hmm, I guess that’s pretty much it. But! What’s interesting is those Democrats who have showed interest in running. They are: Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, and Al Gore. And, maybe, Michael Bloomberg. Biden and Gore are/were Vice Presidents. And Cuomo and Bloomberg have ties to New York. Verrrry interesting. For more on this: look here.