The Sad Clown

by Isabel Braverman

It started out as a joke but now nobody is laughing. I’m referring to Donald J. Trump of course. The Republican presidential candidate has surprised (maybe that’s too soft of a word) us all as he continues to lead in the polls. After his Super Tuesday wins, it seems likely, or rather, scary, that he will win the nomination.

What is Super Tuesday? The presidential primaries held March 1 occurred in 11 states. Here are the full results. In the Democrat primaries, Hilary Clinton took the lead, winning seven states, and Bernie Sanders won four (not surprisingly his home state Vermont, and what journalists are calling surprising: Oklahoma).

Trump won seven states, Ted Cruz three (including home state Texas), and Marco Rubio one (Minnesota).

Prior to Super Tuesday, there have been three primaries, held in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Trump won New Hampshire and South Carolina. Historically speaking, the candidate that won those states went on to win the party nomination. Are you still laughing?

On the Democrat side, Clinton won Iowa and Sanders won New Hampshire. It seemed as if Sanders was catching up to the Clinton campaign, but that was shot down now after Super Tuesday. It seems likely Clinton will take the nomination.

Will there be any more surprises? There are many primaries to come, and only time will tell.